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45: What Comes After is More Important - Mark Winges

A–Hole in One - Michael Hall

A Small Handful of 45-note miniatures for Small Hands - Kyle Johnson

A Very Stable Genius - Don Bowyer

America Obscura - Daniel Felsenfeld

Bad Hombres Jumping Over My Wall While Yelling Arriba!, Arriba! - Juan Maria Solare 

Bread and Circuses - Josh Trentadue

Betsy's Yachts - Wes Flinn

Bomb(ast) & Circumstance - Joel Friedman

Building the Wall - Samara Rice

Democracy Dies in Darkness - Jennifer Jolley

Donald's Daily Affirmations - Andy Villemez

Dotard - Nolan Stolz

Etude No.45: Tweets of Orange Fear - Marc Mellits

Fortify - Logan Rutledge

F*!#ace Von Clownstick - Robert McClure

Hail No! - Michelle McQuade Dewhirst

I Really Don't Care, Do U? - Jack Curtis Dubowsky

LOCK HER UP! (for speaking pianist) - Nick Omiccioli

Look, Having Nuclear - Jason Sifford

Non utimini nomine - Andrew Anderson

SAD! (for speaking pianist) - Brendan Kinsella

Separated - Kathleen Theisen

Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative Voices - Olivia Kieffer

States of Resistance - Mark Buller

Substratum - Andrew Martin Smith

Supremacy (toccata) - Garrett Schumann

The Best Notes - Don Bowyer

The Patriot - Vanessa Cornett and Salam Murtada

Through a Glass, Darkly - Ethan Wickman

Twitler Tantrump - David Bohn

Umbrella at Air Force One - Jack Curtis Dubowsky

Variations on a Nambian [sic] Folk Tune - Nolan Stolz

Very Fine People - David Drexler

Very Stable Genius - Lee Hartman

Word Salad - James Bohn


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